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(I should pre-date this by a week, but nobody on LJ would see it if I did that)

Ok, let me start by saying I am fine. Keep that in mind as I tell you about my (Friday) morning.

I got hit on my way to work.

I came over the train tracks on Wolfe and was cruising down the overpass, watching the cars in the right-most lane carefully, since it's not uncommon for people to turn without signaling around here.

Surprisingly, the only car that turned signaled before doing so. I kept back a little way behind the car behind him, giving myself enough room to react if he chose to turn as well, but he didn't.

The timing of the lights between Kifer (the aforementioned right turn) and Central Expressway are such that I have to push 30 mph to make it without it turning as I come up to it, so I began cranking to do exactly that.

And the car who didn't turn at Kifer turned into the Taco Bell parking lot on the corner. Signal flashing as he turned the wheel in typical California fashion.

Sandwiched between a moving vehicle and a stationary object. I've learned this lesson. The last time I chose the stationary object, and the car drove on, since he didn't hit me.

Techically, I hit him. Things are kind of a blur. I don't know if I came out of the pedals, I don't know what exactly happened. I braked hard and screamed obscenities at him, and WHAM into his side I went.

The bike that I spent several hours last weekend tuning up (at least it meant my brakes were in peak condition) contacted his rear passenger door, and I hit the rear quarter panel. I got scraped up and jammed one of my fingers, but all in all, I was very fortunate.

I checked my bike for damage. The front wheel was whacked out of true, but otherwise, seemed ok. I then engaged in a little Schadenfruede at the large dent in the rear quarter panel and the 6 in black GOUGE in the back door.

I tried to get information from the driver, and all he'd say was "it's not my car." To which I responded, "I fail to see how that's my problem." It would seem he works for a local mechanic (steer clear of "Economy Motors," btw) and I'm pretty sure the car was that of a client. (He's not a mechanic, yet he's using it to make a run to Taco Bell? Interesting . . .)

A bystander came by and offered his assistance as a witness if I needed it. Most kind.

After arguing about this for some time he called his boss, and I got the info out of the glove box (which sparked another argument). In the end, I got everything I needed. But it took much longer than it should have.

Unfortunately, I'm not yet used to having a camera-phone. I could have taken pictures of everything. :(

Bike appears ok. I'm just going to have to true the wheel. After I spent a few hours tuning things up last weekend. I hate to sound ungrateful, but . . . *sigh*

EDIT: While truing the wheel I noticed a dent in the rim. It's probably not a big deal, but I want to take it to someone who can say difinitively. And while I'm at it, I'll bring the bike. The first time I was hit, the frame looked ok, but the downtube had been over-flexed and was subtlely bowed. I'd like a pro go over the bike once.

EDIT EDIT: The dent in the rim is nothing to worry about, but my left brake lever and shifter (they're integrated) are both slow to return. I'll know on Tuesday if there are any other problems.

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