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STIMPY! Pour the man a glass of meat!

[Cross-posted from my MovableType Blog]

Actually, there is some appeal in that.

What? There is!

My stomach is rebelling at the prospect of applesauce for dinner again. Adding insult to injury, we had Amato's brought in for lunch today. (I should say "they" since my 12pm appointment disqualified me). I came back hungry to the smell (and leftovers) that I couldn't eat. The hungrier I get, the more appealing "cheesesteak in a blender" sounds.

On the plus side, my final (wisdom tooth+) extraction is completed and the T3 is FINALLY kicking in (I didn't have this problem the last two times, but the Novocain wore off a bit before the T3 ramped up. Ouch.)

I'm really glad these ended up staggered. If I had ended up with a week of applesauce, Jamba Juice, milkshakes, etc. for breakfast, lunch & dinner, I would have gone absolutely mad. Well, I guess it's just the first day it has to be cold, and I like soup.

Too bad I don't know a good place to find Gazpacho (no mood to make some) around here. That'd be perfect.

This disjointed, stream-of-consciousness post brought to you by the fine people at Johnson & Johnson.

Actually, I probably got a generic . . . By the fine people at "TEVA" . . . mmm comfy sandals.

Hmm, squirrel-cheeked default picture oddly appropriate here.

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