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I have this nasty habit of writing journal entries offline & never getting around to completing the circuit. I started writing this a few months ago, and finished it last week, before "Teh SIK™" set in.

Some time ago (around my birthday, holy crap that was a while ago) avocado_tom & I had one of our really good conversations. This was the first in a loooooong (much too long) while. At the end we made a pact of sorts to create "motivation" filters (in LJ). The purpose of this was to talk about goals (specific and nebulous, long-term and immediate), stumbling blocks, and maybe some encouragement. He's carried out his end of the bargain marvelously.

I've been putting this off for nearly 6 months. I suppose that time of year has come for many of us, so I guess I'll actually try to make this a regular thing. (My soon to be added free-time commuting will certainly help that)

If this is something that may be of interest to you, or if you'd like to help me get motivated (I don't know how to make that sound any less pathetic), I'll be more than happy to add you to the filter.
Tags: filters, friends, motivation, self-absorbed rambling

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