September 10th, 2006

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No Better Way...

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(I'm more than a little behind, this should have been posted Thursday night, and all the entries that have been rolling around my head will continue to do so)

I could think of no better way to celebrate(/honor?) his birthday than with a dinner at Millennium. Everything I've ever had there was FANTASTIC, and all of it happens to be vegetarian (in fact, most of it is vegan).

[Thursday night]'s meal just kept getting better and better, and dessert was an exquisite confection I would have been too wary to try anywhere else (they're known for bringing together odd tastes that just work in ways that are indescribable!)

I had:

Zucchini Napoleon
layers of corn-orange cauliflower salad & lemon macadamia nut "cheese", basil-garlic oil, sweet pepper "cream"
Blackberry BBQ Tempeh
warm roasted corn, sweet pepper & brown rice salad, orange vinaigrette ginger cucumber pickle, toasted pecans
Terrine of Avocado & Lemon Ice Cream
Pasolivo extra virgin olive oil, red Hawai‘ian sea salt, lemon vanilla bean syrup
pilchuck, glass

Scorching Scovilles and Belgian Brews

[Cross-posted from my MovableType Blog]

I don't mean for this to cause any undue duress. I know there will be some of you for whom this is impossible, and I'm truly sorry for that, but I must ask the rest.

Speaking of Millennium (as I had been), I found out about a great event coming up there:

Regardless of where they land on the Scoville Scale, chiles of the heirloom variety are ever so tasty, especially when they peak at the end of our Indian Summer. Whether they are fiery red hot, sultry & smoky, or lusciously sweet, Tierra Vegetables grow the best peppers north of the border. Eric, Jason, Anne and fellow kitchen crew (with the help of some floor staff) will hand pick through thousands of these spicy nightshades searching for only the most perfect to land on our menu.

After all that pepper harvesting, the creative culinary geniuses will retreat to the stoves, ovens, dehydrator & smoker, to produce one of the raciest menus we offer all year. How much capsaicin can your palette handle? Don't worry, we thought ahead. Beer pairings from Philly's Monks & Nodding Head & Sonoma's Russian River Breweries will be eagerly standing by to squelch the fire.

Chiara hates peppers, so I'm on my own on this one. Any interest? Details on their events page. Oh, yeah, it's pricey, but the food there is nothing short of amazing.

...Since they try to lean toward vegan I probably shouldn't rain on their parade and suggest that beer is no better than water for quenching the fire, and the only really effective means is milk.