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Titles Meme

This meme went 'round a while ago. I'm just getting around to it. It's short, and completely irrelevant to any of you.

  1. Username: Erik the Plaid.
    What most people don't know is that I assumed this identity early in my high-school career. Long before I'd ever heard of CMU or worn a kilt. (Yes, Jenny, (not you Jennifer), 'tis I. In the flesh.)
  2. Journal Title: "That Haunted and Accursed Pile"
    A reference to "The Outsider," by H.P. Lovecraft (you'll notice a theme here in a moment). Also, I thought, a rather apt description of my (cross-posted) blog.
  3. Journal Subtitle: "Playing By Day Amongst the Catacombs of Nephren-Ka"
    A reference to "The Outsider" again.
  4. Friends Page Title: "Balm As Well As Bitterness"
    Yup. "The Outsider" again. My friends are my nepenthe. Given the troupe I tend to hang around with, also a good name for this page.
  5. my default Default Icon:
    A really bad photo of me doing my favorite thing - getting narc'ed^W^Wbottom time.

I've taken on a persona I first donned during HS, and surrounded it with references to one of the few things that gave me great solace during that less than stellar portion of my life. How strange that it never occured to me before.

Perhaps because the titles came first (I had a different username when I started this journal. Still, I'm a bit bemused by this.

Tags: h.p. lovecraft, journal, meme, navel-gazing, outsider

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