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Surprise 9/22

[This entry is in reference to Swiftly Satirical. And was originally behind a rather severe filter.]

The following mail message just went over the wires:

Subject: Heads up: September 22 (evening)

The Details (sparse though they are) for the impatient:

It's a surprise! (PLEASE don't breathe a word to Chiara)
September 22, 2007
Evening (dinner)
Near Golden Gate Park (9th Ave entrance)
I'd love the pleasure of your company

I know I'm being stupidly cryptic, but there is a surprise in the works. I wanted to give folks as much warning as possible, but at this point some exact details are still to be worked out. More details will be forthcoming, please keep this date in mind.

Oh, and since I'm probably going to Bcc everyone, you can't even really talk amongst yourselves, can you? Hrm.

Details (and an Evite) will follow shortly. (Hopefully this week)


Suffice it to say, that if you can see this entry, you're invited. Feel free to comment, I've screened them, because, well, I'm "stupidly cryptic."

Tags: celebration, cryptic, surprise

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