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[This entry is in reference to Swiftly Satirical. And was originally behind a rather severe filter.]

I just need to keep telling myself that in a little more than 30 hours this will all be over. One way or the other.

Last night I had the second worst stress dreams I've had in memory. It all centered around my sleeping through the event.

In the last two days, the weather has turned back on like a switch had been thrown. It looks like it will be spotty on Saturday and nice on Sunday. This makes me wish I'd gotten word out about my intentions to have this event LAST weekend before the date was usurped.

Organizers asked me if I wanted to move to Sunday, which would probably work, were it not for the dinner planned afterward.

Speaking of which, the venue I'm trying to book (NOT the one in the Evite, FWIW) keeps BLOWING ME OFF. Last night I talked to them only briefly and they said "It's not really enough time to plan an event like this." Really, huh, that's why I've been calling for SEVERAL DAYS, asshat. Gonna try one last time this afternoon, otherwise the fall back venue (the one on the Evite) will get the call.

Note to self: "Don't forget the ring" — Make that a mantra

Note to self about the Note to self: It seems to have a better ring if you add ", DUMBass" on the end.

Comments screened for the hell of it.

Edit: Ok, so these are the perils of posting from work, I got sidetracked and completely forgot the main point I wanted to make above: the hardest part of all of this has been managing to keep my trap shut! I am so accustomed to telling her everything! On more than one occasion I nearly blew it because I was so excited about things and I absentmindedly started to share. Fortunately, in each case my mouth didn't start moving before I realized how dumb that was.
Tags: anxiety, celebration, cryptic, event, planning, stress, surprise

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