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Comment Spammers, They Love Them Some Journey

Recently I've started getting a bit of anonymous comment spam on my LJ. Well, not so much my LJ as just this entry. The head-scratcher in this is that with only one exception, none of them include a link or even a URL.

I don't see the point of that. Perhaps they're trying to increase the weight of the pills mentioned as a global keyword, or bring down the reputation of random LJ/blogs in order to relatively increase the reputation of their splogs.

Most likely it's being done manually, but people unclear on the concept. Rules of Spam #3.

Or maybe they're just trying to let me know they aren't the ones who also like Journey.

I've given up wondering why that entry, and only that entry. I assume it made it into a database somewhere. Doesn't really answer the question, but it's not a group I should expect to be acting logically. Again, see Rule #3.
Tags: comment spam, comments, spam, spammers, stupidity
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