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Further Evidence of Geekdom

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In preparation for a demo that could lead to a huge opportunity, I worked two weeks straight, most nights until midnight, sometimes until after 2am. No rest for the wicked weary on the two weekends, I just plowed straight through.

I’m done, back banging on the stuff on which I should be working, and I was very much looking forward to a respite this weekend.

There’s just one minor glitch. The problem I left on Friday evening is sticking in my craw. It’s interesting. I know I should leave it until Monday, but here I am logging into the VPN to grab the file so I can at least map out how I think it should be solved.

Hopefully that will exorcise this demon, and I can go back to enjoying a weekend with my sweetie.
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Jesus H. Fscking Christ!

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Any MySQL fanboi who so much as insinuates that it is anything other than the half-assed, inconsistent, steaming pile of shit (in a usage that degrades the term) kludge that it is will face my wrath.

That also goes for anyone caught using the terms "MySQL" and "database" or "enterprise" in the same breath. Even with some kind of superlative negative in between. You're still suggesting that the thought entered your mind.

Edit: Yes, yes. It's my own damn fault for building a major component relying on a feature that's new in MySQL 5. They can't even do right what they claim they've always done, what was I smoking when I suggested trusting something new?

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Coming Up For Air (Sorta . . .)

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. . . Ok, not really

[ed.: per usual, I started writing this over a week (and a half, I think) ago. I know, [info]avocado_tom, fire & forget. Unfortunately I write much too slowly for that.]

I have withdrawn again. It doesn't feel like my normal "going to ground." I went to the Massive Attack/DJ Shadow show (I could say "more later" but between us we know the liklihood of that, so let's leave it at wheeeeee!) on Friday.

Tuesday Matt, Dwight & I had a fantastic time at the Millenium Beer & Chiles Festival. The pairings were perfect, sublime, and everything I'd expect from Millenium. I also learned that:

  1. Belgain soured ales are quite tasty. They're right up my alley, and you'd think I would have tried them before. I need to find out which one came with my entrée, because it was by far my favorite beer of the evening (and they were ALL tasty)
  2. My weight-loss continues to make me a complete lightweight. I have no tolerance anymore.

Also, I did something really cool on Sunday that I will be blogging about, once I come back for more than a gasp of air before submerging again.

It's not my normal withdrawl, "going to ground." And yet . . . I haven't done more than (barely) skim LJ in weeks, I've stopped looking at Flickr, and worst of all, I've all but quit the 365 Days challenge. (I plan to pick that up again, but reset the clock)

I'd been thinking that I'd just withdrawn from my "virtual" life, and quite frankly, I wouldn't be all that upset about that. But I haven't taken a photo, I haven't really had a social engagement (except those planned in advance of this withdrawl), I haven't really done anything. It's hard enough to write this stupid little missive.

Recently I realized work may be a large contributing factor in this slump/funk. The Project From Hell™ (which was supposed to be over in July) was just extended until November. It is sucking my will to live. I may say more than that in a non-open forum. (But probably not, see above.)

I do feel a bit self-conscious whining about my work situation when so many people I know are in worse situations than I. But that doesn't change the fact that it appears to be sucking my will to live, and I need to figure out how work that out, at the current rate I will be little more than a husk by November.